Friday 15 March 2013

Vintage style bushcraft kit

 Not particularly light this one, but still nice and very robust too


Gorges Smythe said...

There's some neat stuff there, though!

Martin said...

Vintage it maybe but also classic too

Anonymous said...

All I need now is a list of items and links to where I can buy them. I can recognize a bunch (Gransfors axe, Fjallraven pack), but it'd be good to have some kind of key. You know, for those of us who weren't alive 50 years ago.

James Newlin said...

Cast iron is awesome, try Griswold.

DarkWolf said...

I would add and a folding shovel.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please tell me what the six items to the left of the pale are?

Unknown said...

The oval shaped box is a Hudson bay style tinder box with built in magnifying lens. Next to it is a "trench" lighter. The next row is a brass compass with sundial and brass wire (snares etc..). The bottom row is a whistle and a tinder tube, brass tube with cotton cordage that has been burnt on one end to catch a spark.

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Emma Stone said...

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Thomas Mayer said...

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shahid said...
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shahid said...

I don’t carry much at all. It’s good to have everything you need in your brain and not your shoulders.

-Sleeping quilt & pad
-Pot (sometimes I carry a backup alcohol stove if there are fire regulations)
-Small Bic lighter & firesteel
-Platypus bottle
-Water filter (or sometimes, purifier tablets)
-Bamboo spoon
-Duct tape
-Knife & saw (occasionally I carry an axe instead of the saw)
-Bear containment for food (requirement where I live)
-Toilet paper
-Trowel for digging crapholes (I could use a digging stick here but when you feel like Armageddon is up your a$$, a trowel is very effective)
-First aid
- Wood burning Camping Stove

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