Friday 9 April 2010

Field test: Exotac nanostriker (lightweight fire striker)

The nanostriker is a lightweight fire striker made by Exotac. It is a compact ferrocium rod that houses in a light but durable aircraft aluminium body.  The rod screws into the aluminium case, complete with rubber O-ring, and is protected from both the elements and any sort of damage when stowed in a kit.  At the tip of the rod’s handle, another piece unscrews to reveal a fire striker.  It’s a nicely engineered and compact (i.e. a lot smaller than a typical fire steel) way to carry a rod and striker together without the bulk of a typical slat striker piece.  The nanostriker features a sturdy handle of 303 stainless steel and a uniquely designed 440C stainless steel striker that is hardened to 50HRC.  The striker has a shaped cross section (4 sides) to allow numerous sharp edges to ensure good sparking capability. In terms of weight the nanostriker weighs in at 17g which is a lot lighter than most firesteels.

Conclusion: well engineered, practical design, lightweight, well recommended. However, it might be a bit small for some people and probably not usable when wearing gloves.

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