Friday 8 July 2011

Bushbuddy casserole technique

The bushbuddy is a great wood burning camp stove ideal for making a quick brew and such but this time I pushed it a bit harder. I wanted to make a chicken casserole, but as you know this takes about an hour to cook. I've never tried cooking this long on a bushbuddy but this technique worked. Brown the ingredients in a little olive oil over the bushbuddy and then add the chicken stock. Bring the casserole up to boiling point and then remove the pan and cover it with something to insulate it like a spare tee shirt for example. The casserole will continue to cook, after 10 minutes but the pan on the bushbuddy and bring to the boil again. Repeat this process for an hour or so until everything is nicely cooked. Using this technique also cuts down on the fuel used.

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