Saturday 24 December 2011

Blackberry brandy

This one has been waiting for at least 12 weeks to sample and makes a great festive or winter drink. You can add whole gloves if you want but basically the recipe is very easy to make just consisting of blackberries (500g), brandy (one litre) and sugar (200g). Mash up the blackberries and add to the brandy and sugar, seal the mixture in a screw-top jar and then allow to infuse for at least 8-12 weeks. Make sure the sugar is fully dissolved and shake the jar every week. After storing in a cool dark place for a couple of months the mixture needs to be strained before serving.


thesecretcamper said...

Good stuff. I've been planning on making this stuff for a while. I normally make sloe gin every year. Heres how I make it;

This year I made some plum gin as gifts for Christmas. I just tried it tonight and its fantastic. Smae recipe as my sloe gin except half the sugar.

What do you think the best alcohol for blackcurrent is? I've heard of people making making it with vodka, whiskey, and brandy, but I'm not sure which one to try first.

Martin said...

Cheers SC,
I like the sound of the plum gin as I normally think the traditional sloe gin is a bit sweet for my taste. I have never tried whisky or vodka, so this might be an experiment for next year.

Olivia Heal said...

This looks lush.. here concocted variety of Gins incl: Bullace, Brandies, and this year's best: Blackberry Whisky - recommend to you all. Will blog tasting notes soon. Happy New Year... O
P.S. I imagine for "gloves" (above)read "cloves!

Martin said...

Thanks Olivia, I will check out your recipe

vkusni gotveni qstiq said...

Hey this is great recipe. Thanks for sharing. Wishh you good luck.